Yoga poses to try at home

Yoga is one of the simplest forms of exercise which also incorporates simple poses which can be learned and done at the comfort of your home without having to hire a professional to watch you or train you on them. Here is a simple exercise routine which one can adapt to do at their home to keep themselves healthy and flexible over time as they age. This would require just 30 mins of your time everyday and are best when performed early morning after you have freshened up yourself.

Start with Om Chant

Yoga Poses To Try At Home

Start your yoga regime by clasping your hands together and sitting crossed legged on the floor. Then take a deep breath and chant Om as you exhale. Repeat this for three times. This regime tends to wake you up with the spiritual enigma of the word Om which tends to vibrate around you thus creating a positive aura right at the start of your day and fill you up with all positive feelings. This will energize you and take away all the lethargy from your body.

Warmup Your Body Parts


Then start your yoga by warming up different parts of your body. Start with your hands. Put your hands straight in front of you and cover your palms into a fist. Now rotate your first three times in clockwise and three times in anti-clockwise directions. One can also increase the effectiveness of this exercise by aligning his or her breathe cycle with movement. Complete one inhales and exhale cycle with one circular movement of your fist.

Next, do the same by rotating your feet from ankles. Again, three times in clockwise direction and three times in anticlockwise direction. Again, one can align his breathe cycle with the movement of his or her ankles.

Then comes your neck. Keeping your shoulders straight, move your neck in a circular motion three times in clockwise and three times in anti-clockwise direction. Again, repeat circular motions of your shoulders in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. These warm exercises will provide the required flexibility to your body and avoid you from getting into any kind of sprains or injury during your advanced level yoga exercise.

Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar

This is like cardio of yoga. This tends to work every part of your body and will keep you fit for life. People generally start with ten repetitions and increase the intensity of their exercise by increasing the number of repetitions.

Follow below-mentioned steps to complete one rep of Surya Namaskar.

  1. Stand straight with your feet’s close to each other’s and your hands upright in front of your chest in namaskar position. Keep your back and neck straight and aligned with the floor.
  2. Now take both your hands above your head and unclasp them. Bend backward as back as you can comfortably while pushing your hips a little forward, making an arch with your back.
  3. Now slowly come back and while bending forward while trying to touch your feet with your head touching your knees. Remain in this position for some time.
  4. Now place your palms on the floor to support your body while you move your legs back to get yourself into a plank position. Again, remain in this position for some time to gain the goodness of plank position and strengthen your core. This might be difficult as you start with this pose but eventually, you will come comfortable and will be able to pose perfectly over time.
  5. Next, you need to position yourself into a low pushup position with your hands placed on the floor at shoulder width and your body raised slightly above the floor.
  6. Now raise yourself to straighten your hands and legs, with hands and legs still touching the floor and hips raised forming a V shape.
  7. Next, you must come back in forwarding bending position with your hands touching the floor and head touching the knees.
  8. Inhale and come back to stand straight and raise your hands above your head. Next, exhale and come into your beginning position.

Just this exercise can give a complete workout to your body. Increase the intensity of your Surya Namaskar with increasing the reps and also the time of remaining in each position. This equals both strength training and cardio for your body.

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