World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society organizes an annual event, which is to celebrate the benefits of healthy sleep. It is known as World Sleep day and is organized to draw the attention of people towards the prevention of sleep disorders. It aims to reduce the burden of sleep problems, which affects the health of most of the world’s population. In the year 2020, the world sleep day is being celebrated on 13th March 2020.

Every year the day is celebrated with a different slogan, and they are as follows:-



14th March 2008

Sleep well live fully awake

20th March 2009

Drive alert arrive safe

19th March 2010

Sleep Well Stay Healthy

18th March 2011

Sleep Well Grow Healthy

16th March 2012

Breathe Easily Sleep Well

15th March 2013

Good Sleep Healthy Aging

14th March 2014

Restful Sleep Easy Breathing Healthy Body

13th March 2015

When Sleep is sound, health and happiness abound

18th March 2016

Good sleep is a reachable dream

17th March 2017

Sleep Soundly Nurture life

16th March 2018

Join the sleep world, Preserve your rhythms to enjoy life

15th March 2019

Healthy sleep Healthy aging

13th March 2020

Better Sleep Better Life Better Planet

Reasons why sleep is important

In a competitive world full of stress and competition, everyone is working hard for more than a limited number of hours. That’s the reason the world sleep day is organized to grab the attention of the sound sleep. We bring you the following benefits of having a good sleep:-

Reduce Stress 

Our body needs a proper rest through sleep. When your body doesn’t get proper sleep, then it gives the reaction by producing an elevated level of stress hormones. The management of the fast-paced lifestyle requires deep and regular sleep. Regular Sleep reduces stress levels.

Lower blood pressure

Regular and deep sleep also reduces blood pressure. The leading cause of heart attacks and stroke is high blood pressure. Plenty of restful sleep will relax the body and lowers blood pressure.

Good Health

Good sleep has numerous benefits like it is the natural painkiller, keeps your heart healthy, reduces the chance of diabetes, and natural detox method. The body needs regular rest n sleep.

Makes you smarter

According to the research, the excellent night deep sleep or a quick nap in the daytime will make your brain more productive and effective. Thus, deep and relaxed sleep is necessary to be efficient in your work and daily life.

Ways to get better Sleep

While some of the people find it easy to sleep for long hours at the end of the day. But some people struggle with sleep as they find it difficult to sleep immediately at bedtime. We bring you the following tips to have a night of better sleep and thus better health:-


It is essential that during the night time, reduce the glare as when it gets darker, the body releases the melatonin, which signals the brain that it’s time to sleep. Bright light during the day and lack of light during the night are necessary for the proper sleep.

Food n drink habits

It is also necessary to watch for food habits. It is required to avoid heavy meals during the night, and coffee should be strictly avoided during the night to have a deep sleep. Caffeine, alcohol, and heavy meals will not allow you to sleep during the night.


If your body is active, then you will get the sound sleep. So it would be best if you took out some time for use from your hectic daily schedule. If you cannot find time regularly, then do manage to get three days a week for exercise. Or maybe a walk in the park for 15 mins would be suitable for sleeping better at night.

Stick to a routine

It is always good to stick to the method of sleeping better. A fix time at night will trigger your mind to still sleep at that time. If you have a sleep at irregular timings, then it will confuse your brain activity. Fix the schedules of sleeping and waking up.

Meditation and Surroundings

Your bedroom must be sleep-friendly, which means it should be clean and clutter-free. You could clean up your room and may do a few minutes meditations for signaling your brain that it is time to sleep.

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