Want to try cardio? Here’s How to lose weight in the gym!

How many times have you thought of doing cardio but ended up watching Netflix and
munching on yummy snacks? Pretty much always right? Well, you will need to do cardio
workouts if you are serious about losing weight because these workouts build up the muscle
mass and burn the excess fat. If you are like most people, the idea of doing cardio workouts
in the gym is a scary proposition, but you will need to exercise regularly and be disciplined
about exercise if you want to shed the excess pounds!  Read on to find out about different
cardio workout regimes you will actually want to do!

For a healthy heart
Regular cardio workouts contribute to a healthy heart.  This is because the heart is a muscle
which needs regular exercise in order to remain strong and healthy.  Studies were done by the
American Heart Association reveal that people who engage in regular cardio workouts are at
a lesser risk of developing heart disease and other cardiac-related problems.  Adults are
recommended to get 150 minutes of cardio exercise a week by the American Heart

To feel great mentally
People who engage in regular cardio exercise release a chemical in their brain known as
endorphins.  This chemical is called a ‘feel good’ chemical because it helps balance people's’
moods, and keeps them feeling less depressed and suicidal.  People have been known to
feel much better after having taken a brisk half-hour walk.

For a stronger immune system
Cardiovascular exercise helps keep the heart stronger and helps remove toxins from the
bloodstream, it helps strengthen people immune systems.  Indeed, people who engage in
regular cardio exercises are actually healthier as it helps reduce the body’s risk of bacterial
infection and other similar diseases.

For improved circulation
Cardiovascular exercise makes the heart pump blood more often and more intensely and as
a result improves blood circulation. This helps the body filter and remove toxins better and
more often, and protects people from heart disease and strokes.

For greater weight loss
People who engage in regular cardio workouts find that they lose weight much faster.
Simple Easy Steps To Follow!
Now that the health benefits of cardio workouts have been established you are probably
looking forward to moving on to the actual stuff. Let’s take a peek at some of the cardio
exercises that you can try easily on a regular basis.

– Walking
This cardio activity will burn 3-4 thousand calories an hour.  Walking is an ideal cardio
exercise because of the low impact and intensity, meaning that anyone can do it!  However,

walkers see results only if they engage in brisk and fast-paced walks! People who walk
briskly regularly see the following benefits:
 Maintain a healthy weight
 Prevent or manage various health conditions and diseases like heart disease, high
blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.
 Strengthens the bones and muscles
 Improve moods instantly
 Improve the balance and coordination

– Running Stairs
This intense cardio exercise burns approximately 1,000 calories an hour.  In fact, a 150
pound person who runs up and down the stairs for an hour will burn approximately one
thousand calories!

– Kettlebells
This cannon shaped weight helps its users burn 20 calories a minute per workout.
Kettlebells give their users such an intense workout only because they improve the cardio
endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility all at once!

– Jumping rope
This traditional and popular cardio exercise burns 600 calories an hour.  It also helps build
bone density which is key in preventing brittle and broken bones which result from
osteoporosis.  It also strengthens the legs and the heart.

The exercises mentioned above are just a few of the many cardiovascular exercises around
which will help you lose weight, strengthen your heart and key organs, and make you feel
great.  It is for these reasons that you should start regular cardio workouts today and be

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