7 Useful Yoga Poses To Relieve Cervical And Neck Pain

There is nothing that yoga cannot solve. Physical health problems to mental health issues, there is a solution for everything with yoga. So, there is no doubt that you are going to find the solution for cervical and neck pain with yoga.

Some Poses You Need To Try

Here we are going to talk about some yoga poses that you need to try out for cervical and neck pain.

8-Point Shoulder Opener

This is one of the most common and most helpful yoga poses that you need to try out for sure. First of all, you need to lie on the ground and that too on the back. Make a 90-degree angle with your right arm to your body and keep the palm facing up. Keep the right and the left arm in a clasp and then breathe. This might be a deep pose for you but we assure you that it is fantastic and it always works for sure. 


Shoulder Opener on Blocks

You need to start the pose by kneeling down and then placing two little blocks on the front side to make sure that you can place your elbows there. You then press both of your hands together as you would do for prayer. Then make sure that you release the head of yours between those blocks and then reverse the entire pose of prayer down the back of yours. That is another one of the most helpful and amazing things that you would love.


Cow Face Arms

When you are kneeling, make sure that your right arm is up to reach the ceiling of yours then bend the right elbow as well. Next, you need to make sure that your right hand is falling between the shoulder blades. Keep the left hand on the right elbow slowly and allow its weight to deepen. Now you need to stay there for 5 whole breaths. Then you need to take the left arm down and bend your elbow as well as reach the left hand right up into the back’s center. Then you take hold of your right hand.


Standing Forward Fold With Shoulder Opener

When you are standing clasp the hands right behind the sacrum and then you will soften thought the knees to do the forward fold in the best way. Now in that position, you need to breathe for about 5-10 breaths in total. The breaths need to be deep if you want the post to work.


Shoulder Opener At Wall

In the beginning, you need to place the forearms right on the wall and they should be completely parallel. The elbows should have the shoulder distance between them. Now you take some steps behind from the walls while keeping the hands there and then allow the head to have some relaxation between the arms. Stay there for some time.


Supported Fish Pose

When you are setting, you need to place the block right behind and then place the shoulder blades there. Place the other block right behind that and then you can use it as the pillow for the head of yours. Then you rest your body gently and adjust the placement according to your comfort.


Thread The Needle

Go on all fours and then you take the right arm of yours underneath the body, while you allow the right shoulder of yours to release to the ground. You can keep the left arm as it is. Stay in that position for about 10 breaths.

So, these are some amazing yoga poses you can try out for cervical and neck pain. Make sure to follow these and have the best results.


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