Sweating in the Summer Sun – Tips for Working Out in the Summer Heat

Tips for Working Out in the Summer Heat
Tips for Working Out in the Summer Heat

Summers may be the best time to lose weight or get your metabolism pumped up. In fact, any muscle tear (which can be a little more intense for beginners) tends to heal faster in the hotter months of the year, making you workout ready faster. Workouts usually result in increasing your body temperature and you will sweat out at least 9 to 10 percent of water and with it essential sodium from your body.

If you push yourself too hard, you could risk could fatigue, mild headaches, and faster loss of body fat.

Here are a few things you can keep in mind as the sun changes its gears on the thermometer.

Stay Hydrated:

Stay hydrated

Even if you swim, or work out in a well-airconditioned gym, you are bound to sweat. Even though you can’t feel it, you are throwing out body heat.

Hence, it is important to stay hydrated. Considering how most of out gyms are air-conditioned, you may probably not feel thirsty. But cramps and mild headaches may not always mean fatigue: it can also mean you don’t have enough water in your muscles. Always keep a bottle of water handy.

Avoid too much protein before a workout:

Protein-heavy diets help you a lot when you are getting into a good fitness routine. However, consuming a protein-heavy snack before your workout can lead to releasing more body heat than normal.

So, a good practice is to keep your protein intake well before your workout session or after you have completed one.

Mix and match:

Our trainers at Anytime Fitness can help you identify which equipment or routine (like Zumba, Yoga, etc) can be best suited for your requirements.

Equipment you can use:

A gym is a wonderful place full of equipment, many of which you have seen, some you’ve used and few that you have never used. To keep yourself interested, talk to your trainer and explore that lovely equipment: the kettlebell, the rowing machine, the step machine, the exercise ball. You never know what you will find out and maybe you’ll fall in love with exercising again!

Diet is right:

When we saw a diet, it is the food you need, not what you avoid. As you start working out, you will lose all your pent-up calories. Once everything that was stocked up is broken down, your body will show signs of fatigue. So, if you want to become fitter, you need to add calories to your system that it can burn. Talk to your trainer to explain your fitness goals so that you can understand your calorie requirement.

If you don’t have access to a diet consultant, you can check the calorie count of commonly consumed foods so that you would be in better control of your fitness routine.

Less is more:

Whether you are a seasoned fitness lover or a newbie, it is good to push your self to the right level of fatigue. But that said always listen to your body. True muscle tear (commonly known as soreness of muscles) need rest to heal faster, but the summer heat is of great help. But if you don’t realize how much it too much, you risk injury, which can harm you in the short and long run.

Consider this: doing 10 pull-ups and taking a break for the next three days or starting with 5 and gradually moving to 10 in 15 days, you’ll have more work out done in the latter case over a course of 3 months.

Don’t give up:

Just like it is easy to feel lazy in winter, its easier to feel exhausted in summer. Working out is basically consciously ensuring that you are fit and healthy. The reason we don’t realize that we are getting unfit is that it is a subconscious activity.

Just stop working out for a week, you’ll notice the change. Making a conscious effort to bring a change your fitness levels.

So, hang in there, find yourself a gym buddy, or just find a friend in your trainer! You’ll find the perfect trainer you need at Anytime Fitness!

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