Simple Methods To Stay Safe from Coronavirus Pandemic

The year 2020 will be remembered as the year of greatest fear. We all are aware of the deadly disease Corona epidemic, which has no cure yet. It is slowly taking the whole world under his control. This disease that started in China started with the consumption of bats as being told. And then it spread from one person to another and thereby spreading across all over the world. If the seriousness of this disease were understood in the beginning, then the world would not have suffered so much. By the time this was followed, it had already done a lot of damage to human life there. After that, it started engulfing the rest of the world. The year 2020 has proved to be the biggest lockdown in the history of the never seen world.
Let us know the simple ways to protect ourselves from the coronavirus disease, and they are as follows:-


Lockdown is for the safety of people from COVID19. Lockdown has been ordered so that the people of the whole world can be safe. For the first time in human history, the same cycle of life is going on simultaneously. Everyone is imprisoned in their respective homes. From The LF Association, the “self-segregation system,” has been put together by the governments of all countries. What can be done in the way of preventing this disease is self, complete “lockdown,” which has been implemented in every country till now. When a single person is infected, then it can easily be transferred to another person; therefore, social distancing is must remain safe. It is the only way to stop the infection of this virus.


It is necessary to slow the spread of the disease. You should protect yourself from having any illness, especially cough. The coronavirus disease starts with a cold cough and fever and then begins to affect our breathing process. Lungs that give us life by breathing are rapidly caught in it, and they are the biggest threat. Fiberglass quickly accumulates in the lungs, and it becomes difficult to breathe. Then ventilator support for breath becomes necessary. Its main symptoms are high dry cough, fever, and then shortness of breath. These symptoms mainly appear in a human in 14 days.


The COVID19 virus can survive for a different number of hours on different surfaces. So, it is imperative to sanitize the items that you bought in the house. Use sanitizer and apply on all the items purchased like milk packet, or other food items for household items necessary. It is essential to wash the vegetables too as soon as you buy them.


One of the next important things is to wear masks whenever you go out. Though it is recommended not to go out of the home. You should only step out if it is indispensable. Lockdown and wearing masks were not taken seriously in Italy, Britain, and America, which resulted in an increased number of cases. The virus quickly engulfs in elderly members and persons with weak immunity at home. You must choose the correct mask size for your face. Also, remember to wash your hands before wearing a mask. If you cannot buy the covers, then you can make it using a handkerchief and rubber bands. To be on hand, gloves must wear, so that could have been avoided if the same is you come up with any virus on that. At the same time, which is the most important thing is not to touch your face, eyes, nose, mouth. And also remember first to throw the gloves in the trash. You should wash the masks every 24 hours.

Clean House

The virus readily attacks people with low immunity and older people, so it is essential to keep the hygiene in the house. It is necessary to clean the home carefully and small parts of the house like a house door, call bell, and windows with soapy water. You should rinse the floor with phenyl water at home adversely. Also, remember to wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds with Dettol or soap.

Build Strong Immunity

It is essential to build strong immunity and find some of the simple exercises to make that. To avoid this epidemic to be strong resistance is very important. To create a healthy home to eat the same food and plenty of hot water. Enter our country in turmeric, ginger, cloves, pepper is coming is used to blow cold for centuries used to make them. Avoid cold water, cool things, and stale food. There is nothing causing throat or fever in Do not eat at this time to avoid the throat infection.

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