Scared Of Doing A Headstand? Not Anymore!


They say that ‘practice makes perfect,’ and this is especially true in case of yoga – the poses
are challenging in nature, yet they are fun to practice. While the challenge simply inspires
you to want to do more and more until you become perfect at them!

If you are like most people, you are already physically fit enough to do any yoga poses until
you go for the perfect headstand.  You probably feel squeamish already! What if I hit my
head? Or hurt myself? That’s what you are thinking right?

The thought of doing inversions or upside down yoga poses such as the headstand
intimidates many, but they are easy to do with a little practice and can make even the
novice as limber and agile as a yoga master!
Take Baby Steps!
Just have some patience and you will have the easiest time doing a headstand with the
following preparatory yoga poses:

A. Downward facing dog
This is an all inclusive stretch and is very effective because it restores the body while
stretching the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, and arches of the feet and hands.  It
strengthens both the arms and legs while preparing your body for a headstand pose.
Here’s What To Do!
1. Get down on all fours and place your hands slightly past your shoulders
2. Press each fingertip firmly on the ground while you plant your palms firmly and
solidly on the ground
3. Make sure there is at least a hip’s worth of distance between your feet, tuck your
toes in, and lift your hips up and back.
4. Bend your knees initially to ensure that your spine is lengthened and then straighten
your legs as far as you can.
5. Hold your breath in for ten seconds.

Tips for better alignment
– When you initially get down on all fours, make sure that the creases in your wrist are
parallel to the top of the mat.
– Make sure to bend your knees generously if you have a bent spine
– Look down at your thighs or toes.

B. High Plank
This is an ideal pose if you want to strengthen your body and posture.  It will also help
maintain your body tone. It is an amazing pose which helps prep you to assume the
headstand pose because it strengthens your body’s core along with the arms.  It also helps
you develop amazing stability and strength.
Here’s What To Do!

  • Shift your body from the downward dog pose to a push-up pose.  You will have to
    move your body forward and ensure that your shoulders are situated directly above
    your wrists.
  • Your body should assume the same pose as a wood plank – it should be in a straight
  •  Press your fingertips and palms firmly into the mat while spreading your fingers
  •  Ensure that your core is actively involved and draw your belly button into your spine
    while you lift your hips up slightly
  • Hold your breath for ten seconds.

C. A Step Closer: The Advanced Formations
–  The Cat Pose
This one works when you do it with lifted knees and not the other variations. It will not only
ignite your core but will also assist you to build your body’s balance which will come handy
during a headstand.
Tripod Balance
This is the perfect pose for strengthening the core and shoulder muscles. In fact this will be
the first step you take towards perfecting a headstand! So if you can get this done you are
all set for trying out independent headstands.
While this is not an exhaustive list of the pre-poses needed to assume the perfect headstand
pose, it is a start.  With enough practice of these yoga forms, you will become a maestro in
no time and will be able to assume any yoga pose with ease, including the dreaded

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