How hormones affect your body health

If you are all happy thinking that it is you who controls your body, then knowing the truth might fade out this satisfaction.

The harsh truth is that most of the times your hormones are in complete charge of your body and mind. No matter how much you hate it, you don’t have any way other than accepting this fact!

The hormones, these teeny-weeny chemical messengers, take a tour around your body instructing each and every organ to perform their task! And there are times when these hormones decide to act weirdly, triggering changes in your body.

Let’s find out how:


  • The stress hormone


Whenever you are stressed, because of this massive work project or relationship issues, the hypothalamus of your brain secretes the stress hormone, lovingly called cortisol!

Now that leads to a series of events which you may term as good, like the quickening of your heartbeat, breaking up your fat and glucose stores etc. But studies suggest that cortisol, when secreted in considerable proportions, can cause you to feel drained of energy real quick, thus lessening your efficiency.


  • Changes in our sleep pattern


If you love napping all day, then thank melatonin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland of your brain mostly when the lights go out! Melatonin secretion has been mostly linked with darkness, so it is no wonder why we all love to sleep peacefully in the dark!

When you attempt sleeping in a room with real or artificial light, melatonin production is hindered leaving you with the difficulty of drifting back to sleep. In fact deficiency of this hormone had been indirectly linked with health defects like obesity and critical diseases like cancer. Do you know wearing tight clothes whenever you attempt to sleep can also curb melatonin production by a whopping 60 %?


  • The love hormone


Falling in love owes heavily to this hormone, oxytocin, also called the love hormone. Whenever you touch someone, your brain encourages you to take the next step thereby releasing this hormone. High production of oxytocin can boost sexual urges, deepen trust and can also lower your blood pressure. It is also said to soothe some harsh memories that are why we feel mentally satisfied after hugging someone.  Although oxytocin levels are said to be balanced even if you cuddle with your pet or partner, heightened levels are observed during or after attaining orgasm.


  • Your body’s thermostat


Yes, the thyroid glands hormones are considered to be significant influencers of your metabolism system. Often the elements of your busy lifestyle like significant nutritional deficiencies and chronic stress make them super annoyed! This is the reason why you experience fatigue even when you should not be. Also if you are always cold when the weather is nice and warm, it is because of any hormonal imbalance of the thyroid hormones. Plastic precisely a chemical toxin, BPA is to be blamed as it plays with the production of thyroid hormones up to a certain extent.



  • For the hunger pangs


Whenever you feel rats are playing a tug-of-war in your stomach and you will devour anything, then it is due to the production of ghrelin, the hunger hormone produced by your stomach. After having a heavy meal, when you feel full that is because of leptin, the hunger inhibitor hormone, produced by your fat cells. These two alert your brain about when you should eat and when you should skip the dessert! Often over-consumption of sugar meddles with the production of leptin, thus sending your brain mixed signals and letting you devour even when your body isn’t able to accommodate it!


  • Feel good always


The happy hormone or serotonin has been appraised for its commendable work for owing happiness to us. Produced in the gut it mainly functions as a neurotransmitter and it helps you to master multitasking. Production of serotonin is heavily dependent on carbs that is why when you decide to go on a strict diet, your mood tends to go completely berserk! Some sugary foods like bananas and yogurts, sources of protein consist of some essential amino acids which encourage the production of this hormone.


So the next time you feel cranky or insomniac, don’t get anxious – it is all about the hormones. Just try to improve your lifestyle and diet, and you will be at your best.

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