Read This before Signing a Gym Contract

best place to work out
best place to work out

If you have decided to workout to keep yourself fit, then there is nothing better than that. Now you have the task of searching the best place to work out. How do you go about the process of selecting the best fitness center in town? After narrowing down your search, be cautious before you sign the contract in your best fitness gym.

We have listed some of the points that must read before signing a gym contract. Read on to know more about it.



Referrals act as the best way to know if the selected one is the best fitness center in town. Social media is also a great resource. A simple search will list it in hundreds. But which among it is the best fitness gym. Ask your friends. Look for reviews. See how the concerned people attend to the bad reviews. You get a fair idea if it really is the best place to work out or not.


  • Does the place have all the crucial accreditations?


The best fitness center may boast of some certificates of accreditations. But does it have all the necessary permissions from the civic authorities? Check with the parent association or on the website if that fitness gym is affiliated with it or not, only then it makes it the best fitness gym for you; else not!



People are being more and more health conscious now. Many gyms have opened up in every nook and cranny of the town. But is your best fitness center the best in the locality? Or is there any other best place to work out that may rank a few notches higher than this? Visit each gym and check if it suits your requirement and needs.


  • Does that fitness center offer discounts or rebates?


There is intense competition for enrolling members in the gym. So be sure that your best fitness gym offers you a discount on membership. Also, inquire about the rebates offered for early joining. The best place to work out usually offers discounts on life membership. So, decide if it best opting for it or for an annual/monthly membership.


  • Does that place to work out equipped with the latest equipment?


Zumba, Pilates, yoga- the list goes on… The best fitness gym offers its members much more than treadmill, weights, and cycle. Does your chosen best fitness center have facilities to provide the latest techniques for weight training? Check inside if they house all the latest equipment and in what numbers.  


  • Is the equipment in the gym maintained?


The best fitness center may have all the high-tech equipment. But, is the regular maintenance done? It is not unusual for people to get injured as a result of the equipment not working well. Check the maintenance and cleaning logs of the gym. Be sure that to be the best fitness gym, it is must to clean the equipment and to check regularly that the gadgets are functioning right.  


  • Does the fitness center allow membership transfer?


Let us suppose that you decide to move to some other town. So, does the franchise gym allow your membership transfer? Sometimes, the gym neither allows a transfer nor does it offer the refund. So, before you sign the contract with the supposed best fitness gym, make sure to raise your queries. Always read the fine print on the contract. Often, you forget to read the details in the enthusiasm to join your best place to work out. What follows is that you end up shelling more money for their services.    


  • Is the membership contract for the best fitness gym all inclusive?


Your place of work out may have other facilities like the sauna, massage, pilates, aerobics, and martial arts. Check if the signing contract of your chosen best fitness center has clauses for its usage prohibition. Do they charge extra? Many-a-times, the contract specify the facilities that require extra fees. But cross check with the staff about it.  


  • Are the trainers at the fitness gym qualified for the job?


Many gyms hire helpers instead of trained professionals. This is done to keep their expenses under control. Ensure that your chosen best fitness center has trained professional. They can guide you for your weight training. Check if your chosen best place to work out hires trained and certified instructors. Untrained helpers often teach the wrong exercises. This may aggravate an existing medical condition or give rise to a new one.


  • Does the fitness center have the services of a medical professional?


Is your chosen best fitness gym equipped to handle emergency situations? Workouts are rigorous and sometimes any injury may arise due to an accident. In such an emergency, is your chosen best place to work out capable of handling the situation? Are they trained in providing first aid or seeking medical help immediately? Check with them about the infrastructure available to handle adverse situations.    

The best fitness gym specifies everything in the signing contract. But there are times when they do not and you end up spending more. Some gyms may actually gloss over some details. Read the terms and conditions with awareness to avoid such issues. Ask about it with other enrolled members and then sign on the dotted lines. Always go to the best place to work out that offers a decent membership policy.  

Be cautious because your money, time and health – all are at stake!

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