It’s a Time for a Change and We’re Prepared To Make it Happen

All of us have an evolving journey in life and so does Anytime Fitness. We started as a place where people could start their fitness journey, but your fitness journey became our journey as time went by. We didn’t want to be just your gym anymore, we wanted to be the path of your fitness journey, and ever since we’ve been changing ourselves, constantly trying to evolve into a better version to make your journey as smooth as possible. Let’s take a look at our journey so far and what the future holds for us.


As our reach was increasing to more members and different places, we realized that the fitness journey for a lot of people hits the stump due to lack of time. Usually, fitness centers are open from 6 AM to 10 PM and a lot of the working-class people couldn’t make time for the gym during those hours.

The club for busy people” was our solution to that. Our clubs are functional 24/7.  So, the barrier of “no time” goes out the window and it turned out to be very helpful for a lot of our members. This is also a big motivational factor for a lot of members, because “I can’t make time for it” tends to become a very big excuse for people to skip the gym and their health, so that’s not a variable in our equation anymore.


Time was not a problem anymore, but in 2015 we found the need to evolve again. Busy people found a place for them but there were still a lot of people who needed more than 24/7 access. People need the motivation to keep going ahead, and most often the lack of it tends to stump our fitness journey.

So, we changed our brand’s call to, “Get to a healthier place”. We evolved our clubs into a place where people can find the motivation in a combined enthusiasm and a common goal of reaching a healthier place than the current.

Our dream of a healthier place has been reflected by our member’s motivation for the last 5 years.


The pandemic has made us sit at our homes for so long that we have lost touch with many human aspects of our life. So, it’s time to move ahead from that and get back into action.

This is no time to sit back and taking this easy, it’s time for a change again, and this time, our call is to “Let’s make healthy happen”. It’s time to step ahead and take a lead in doing our bits in improving the health of life around us. Anytime Fitness members can inspire and lead the change around us.

“Healthy” requires a combined effort of all our peers, focussed on improving the health of our environment, surrounding, society, family, and self. It’s time to take matters into our hands, and together, “let’s make Healthy Happen”.

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