A lot of us aspire to own a business, but a few could afford to pursue the dream of becoming the Mughal of a business empire. Sometimes, it is the lack of enough resources or the potential to convince others to invest in your business. At a time, when investors mostly look for big brand names, it is a tough challenge to convince investors to invest in your start-up. But are you going to give up your dreams of having a business just because of the lack of investors? Instead of giving up on your dreams, it is always better to go for a franchise with a company that carries a brand value with it. That way your dream of owning a business will be fulfilled. And, the tension of convincing the investors will also be not there. And what can be a better option to go for a franchise other than Anytime Fitness? Because, in a time of fit and fine body, everyone is readily investing for their health. 

Now the question may trigger in your mind that why should you even become a franchise with Anytime Fitness. We don’t ask you to believe us blindly, rather check our benefits. And if you still don’t feel to join hands with us, it is your choice. But we can vouch for one thing for sure, no other company will give these many benefits for sure. Let’s have a look at why you should even consider us?

Brand name and trust

The brand name is always an added advantage for any business model in today’s time when people are extremely brand conscious. We have been ranked as the no. 1 global franchise by Entrepreneur magazine for consecutive twelve years in a row. Thus, building trust and sustaining it is our motto.

Low investment

We offer an extremely affordable investment opportunity. As a Brand, we understand that you may not be a business tycoon and accordingly we design our franchise policy so that we can be a franchise to us even with a minimal investment. We just take a very flat monthly fee and not a percentage of your profit. Excluding that monthly fee, all you earn is yours.

Strength and stability

Our business model has a record of 95% success rate across the country with nearly 80+ clubs at various corners of India. Thus, the fear of the business getting collapsed should not engulf your mind.  

All-round support

We understand the fact that you may have a dream to own a business, but you may not be very pro at planning the business. So, we have a solution for that as well. We ensure you that you will be provided customized support at each stage while setting up your club and while running it. Our corporate team will help you develop new and exciting tools for the franchise community through conference calls and webinars. 

Our network

With more than 4500+ franchises across the world, we have empowered more than 65% of our franchisees to own more than one club.  

In a nutshell, our brand name, low investment policy, stable business model, and customized support will surely help you be in your comfort zone yet own a business of your own as our franchise.

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