Movements for Bone and Joint Health

Bones are an essential part of our body as they help form a shape and also provide full support to our body from head to toe. The shape of our face is formed by the Skull, which also protects the brain. The backbone of the spinal cord protects a pathway between the brain and the body. Similarly, the ribs are needed to shelter the heart, lungs, liver, and spleen. Bones are solid enough to care about our entire weight. And where the bones meet, they are called joint. Joints are the critical part of the body as they make the skeleton flexible, and movement is not possible without them.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to take care of our bones and joints of our body. The best way to maintain good health is exercise and proper diet, which includes all types of vitamins and minerals. If we do not support good health, then these substantial parts of our body can be damaged like Arthritis, fracture, Osteoporosis, and many others. Bones are healthy, but they can break, forcing our body to not to walk and sit properly.

We bring you the following ways you can maintain the excellent health for bones and joints of the body:-

Weight Lifting 

One of the best exercises for healthy bones and joints is weight lifting. There have been studies that show that weight lifting exercise has reduced bone loss and thereby increasing the bone density. You don’t have to pull the excess weight and be the Olympiad champion, but you can begin with lifting lightweight and gradually increase the pressure so that your body comes to the habit of weight lifting.

Walking and Jogging

 The purest form to maintain joint health is walking and jogging. This simple form strengthens the leg bones as they support the body weight. While jogging the added force of your feet against the ground, which makes the bones stronger. The treadmill in the Gym is also the best form of maintaining health for all. The treadmill is considered to be an excellent overall body and muscle health.

Posture Exercise

Various forms of posture exercise maintain the strength of bones and joints of the body. Some of them are squats, Supine Limb Reach, AB Prep, Knee lifts, Back Extension, and many more. Though these may seem to be simple exercises, it is recommended that you hire or have the instructor to help you with correct posture and repetitions. These exercises are done while lying down on a mat or by standing, and each task should be followed with proper instructions.

Join Fitness club

If you are too concern to work out wrong at home, then you can certainly join the fitness club. There would be instructors who would help you with some more exercise like using elastic exercise bands, using weight machines, lifting your own body weight and functional movements. A physical therapist would undoubtedly help you learn about the exercises that are safe and appropriate for you.

Regular exercise and staying active is the key to improve overall health. Yoga and Pilates can also recover strength, balance, and flexibility. However, certain positions are not safe for people with osteoporosis or people at increased risk of broken bones. For example, exercises, where you need to bend forward, might increase the chance of breaking a bone in the spine. Therefore, if you are a beginner in training or you have health issues or your bones are sensitive, then it is always recommended that you hire the instructor or join the fitness club.

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