Let’s Celebrate World Oceans Day

We have evolved with time. With the advent of technology, it is very easy to connect with people across the world which makes it easier to celebrate together and also to make us understand our responsibilities towards not just our near and dear ones but also towards our environment !

So here is another chance for all of us to celebrate and perform activities to help save our planet earth – WORLD OCEANS DAY ! ¬†That’s right ! We are celebrating World Oceans Day on 8th June.

This is not just a celebration, but a way of generating awareness about our oceans – Do you know how many do we have around the world? – There are 4 oceans around the world – Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic. Although they are just 4 in number , they cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface and contain 97 percent of the Earth’s water ! Fascinating, isn’t it? And if you travel to any ocean shore, you will find paradise on earth ! But this paradise is going to remain such if we maintain it !

The bitter truth is, we are not making enough efforts to retain its beauty. Tonnes of plastic wastes among other pollutants are thrown into the oceans everyday This has polluted the oceans to an extent that the life of the beautiful marine animals is in danger. They are dying and some of them might even get extinct if we do no take immediate action to curb this menace. Not just that, oceans provide us important medicines and oxygen among other important products. We will be deprived of all the good things that Mother Earth gives us from these oceans as her blessings !

But we still have a chance to protect our mighty oceans. On the occasion of World Ocean Day, let’s join hands and spread this message far and wide about the little things that we can do clean the oceans :

  • Bring down your energy consumption – Do not use your motor vehicles when you are going to a place in close proximity. You will also remain fit !
  • Use reusable bottles and bags while shopping – the use and throw plastic items land up in the oceans and remain there as they are not biodegradable
  • Do not litter the ocean shores and volunteer to clean them – the waste thrown on the shores get collected in the oceans and pollute them.
These are some of the simple things you can do and help others in doing to save our oceans !

Happy Oceans Day to all !

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