How to Stay Motivated to Exercise during a Lockdown?

The majority of people spend their time thinking about finances, jobs, and so many other things that health comes in the last. What we often forget is that money doesn’t matter if it’s being earned at the cost of your health. So, it’s necessary to take out some time from your hectic life and invest in your physical and mental health. You can always make some time for your health no matter how busy your schedule is or even if you’re in a lockdown at home.

Check below tips to stay motivated to exercise during the lockdown: 

Change your perspective 

You can make a thousand excuses to quit when you don’t have the right perspective and the same happens when it comes to staying motivated towards working out every day. Stop thinking of yourself as a spectator and start thinking of you as the athlete who doesn’t make an excuse and works hard to reach their goals. The right attitude, which is a go-getter attitude, will lead you to much better results.

Tip – Listen to some motivational music or read the motivation books from the expert. You may also read some motivational blogs to change your lifestyle.

Practical Goal is the key

Let’s accept the fact that when you set the exercising routine, it must be achievable. If you set your expectations too high, you won’t be able to achieve them because it’s not practical which in turn will demotivate you. Always remember to set practical and achievable goals and that would be the key to the success of your healthy life.

Tip – Connect with some expert or other friends or family members to set SMART goals.

Track your journey

You need continuous motivation for a regular exercise routine. So, it is important that you keep track of your health progress regularly. It would be exciting to analyse progress results week by week. The journey to the goals might be slow, but when you see yourself taking the steps forward no matter how small, it will prove to be a great motivation for you.

Tip – Track your weight, body shape at regular intervals and maintain a diary to note down your progress.

Make it fun, not a chore

It is extremely important that you do not look at your exercise routine as a chore. Try to make it fun and add some exciting elements to the routine. You must explore varieties in your exercises and choose the methods that excite you and wants you to come back the next day. That way, you’ll not get bored or tired of it and keep looking forward to it.

Tip – Always remind yourself again and again that seriousness should only be restricted to the hospital and not to a daily routine.

Don’t become a lone wolf

Going solo could be fun in the beginning but in the long run, the journey might get lonely and less fun for you. Get your friends or family to work out with you. You can also make friends at fitness clubs. If that’s not your way, a personal trainer will always be very helpful to stay motivated.

Tip – Find friends that support and motivate you to keep your journey towards health and the best lifestyle going.

Reward yourself 

Last but not least, it is important that your continuous efforts get appropriate rewards. You may set goals for a week or a month and then tell yourself that you would buy yourself something that you’ve always wanted once you achieve your goals. Rewards also motivate you to continue with your exercise routine.

Tip – Set goals along with a reward like on reducing 2 kg, you will get yourself new gears, workout clothes, a weekend getaway, etc.

The journey to health is always difficult, so it’s important that you always keep yourself motivated to increase your immunity. Motivation can come from within you or from the external sources, what matters is that you keep going because a healthy mind and a healthy body will help you achieve the other goals of your life as well.

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