How to stay motivated as a beginner

The only mantra to achieve anything is “Think Big… Start Small and Act Now”. Even to achieve your
fitness goals, you must start it and keep doing it without worrying about the results. With time you will
start seeing the results. Here are few mantras to keep in mind while working out as a beginner to keep
yourself motivated. As a beginner you have yet not tasted the magic of workouts and fitness, so you can
start to give out quite early. Hence these mantras will help you stay motivated and stick to your plan.

Set your goals

Planning is most important before you want to achieve something. If you don’t know what you want to
achieve and how you are going to achieve it then you might be moving without directions. Also setting
goals tend to keep you focused and motivated to work towards achieving your results.

So, at very start of your fitness regime, measure your weight and take your body stats into account and
write down your goals that you want to achieve in next three months. Now keep mapping your goals
every three days. This will let you know that how far are you in achieving your end goals and whether
the workout you are doing is enough to let you achieve your goals or you need to re-adjust your fitness
regime to get there.


Planning will be an everyday thing for you. Set your gym cloths aside every night before you sleep and
wear them as soon as you wake up in the morning. Don’t let your inner voice keep you longer in bed.
Just wake up with first ring of the alarm and put on your gym cloths. Just sweat out your next 30 mins in
the gym and it will be done before you would even think of it.

We all know that if we keep them for next day, then that next day will never come. And as you progress,
you will see that those household chores which were worrying you and stopping you from going to the
gym will be done automatically before you know.

Studies show that people who workout regularly early in morning tend to lose around 1.5 kgs more than
people who are not so regular but follow an intense workout rather but for fewer days in a week.
The time you would be spending to dwell with your inner bitch, the same time would be more fruitfully
spent in the gym. More you discuss it with yourself, more likely it is that you will keep its up for next day.

Join Fitness Communities

Joining like minded people give you a chance to remain motivated. When you listen to success stories of
other people in the community then that motivates you to achieve your own fitness goals. Also, they
give you a chance to learn more about how you can speed past your goals and achieve them earlier than
you thought.

These communities consist of all kind of people, people who want to lose weight, people who want to
gain weight, people who are fitness experts etc. So, this community can also help you in your difficult
days when you are not able to keep up with your fitness plan or have reached a plateau or have just
started off and don’t feel like going to gym after the cramps out of your first day workout. These people
tell you the stories of how they dwelled with those blockers and how they over past them and achieved
what they are today. They also help you know the harsh realities like what is the actual time frame to
achieve is your goals etc.

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