How to Make a Home Gym

You must be wondering how to stay in shape during this tough period of self-isolation. But don’t worry as not everything is a lockdown. If you have a strong will power to maintain good health, then you can make a home Gym using household items. The best part is that this home Gym needs no investment or low investment for your health. There is a saying that where there is will there is a way and its valid if you cannot go out to the gym in the current difficult phase, you can make a gym at home. We bring you the following fantastic tips for creating a Home Gym:-

Bags of Flour in a Plastic Bag

You can use a bag of flour or sugar as a Kettlebell. All you need is a good strong plastic bag filled with sugar or flour. Tie the plastic bag tightly so that the items don’t shift in the bag and then put this bag in another bag with handle. Now you can pick up this bag 1 kg or so and swing for building up strong muscles.

A Simple Water Bottle

You must have used a water bottle for drinking water, but now its time to use the water bottles for exercise purposes. These can be used as an alternative for the weights for doing exercises like lunges, squats, and shoulder press. One of the most straightforward activities you can try is to stand up and raise a bottle above your head and parallel to your shoulder as you come down.

Broom for Strong Shoulders 

You could lift the brush or a plastic pole above your head multiple times for the shoulder workout. You may find additional innovative ways to exercise with broom or plastic pole like hip hinges or oblique twists or rotating numerous times.

Sofa or Chair for a Healthy Back 

It is not necessary to invest a massive amount for building up the gym. You can use a Sofa or Chair for exercise like position the chair against the wall and now place your hands behind on the chair and placing your legs extended in the front. Now bend your elbow and go up and down against the chair. This is a beautiful exercise for your shoulder, back, and arms.

Make Use of Walls 

Surprisingly, you can almost use everything for work-outs in your home, even the empty walls. There are many exercises that you can do using the blank walls like wall-sits, wall push-ups, basic stretching exercises, and leg raises. You could even try the legs up against the wall and the upper body lying on the floor.

Best of the Staircase 

Consider it the blessing if you can make use of a staircase in your house. Climbing up and down the stairs is considered the best exercise for the overall body. It would be best if you could increase the intensity by carrying an additional weight for an even better cardio session.

Creative use of Backpack 

Isolated in the house but can use the backpack interestingly. Fill up your backpack with things like soup, water bottles or soda cans, and other kinds of stuff. Carry the bag and walk around the house. It would be best to note down the weight of your bag and then gradually increase the pressure as you improve the strength.

Turn your Bed into Exercise Mat 

If you think that bed is only for relaxing and sleeping, then its time to give a twist to your thinking. Try out the fun workout on the bed to maintain balance your weight as performing the tree pose, leg raises, single-leg lifts, and trying to touch fan with one leg for a few minutes. It would be fun as the cushioned surface will pose an exciting challenge, and it won’t hurt if you fall.

Workout with Towel 

Give a try to use a cloth-like a resistance band for a good arm stretch. And for a leg workout, you could take the plank position after placing a medium-sized towel under your feet. Now use it to glide your feet apart and bring them together in a controlled fashion.

Take the Assistance from Younger Ones 

If you have kids at home, then it is time to make them helpful in your workout. You can ditch the items found around the house and partner up with the young members of your family. It would be fun and also build strong bonding with your kids as you may seek their help in performing squats or leg raises with body weight. However, it is recommended that you take the necessary precautions to avoid hurting yourself and the kids.

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