How To Get Enough Protein If You’re A Vegetarian!

Did you know that people who are strictly vegetarian may be missing out on important
nutrients?  That’s right, one such key nutrient is protein. If you’re a vegetarian you may not
be eating any or enough of the foods that are high in protein.  People who eat meat and fish
have an easy time getting enough protein in their diets, by contrast. If you’re like most
vegetarians, you are constantly asking yourself, “how can I get enough protein to sustain my
muscle mass?”  Equally, since high-protein diets are excellent for weight loss and obtaining a
toner and leaner body, you may have asked that same question especially if you wanted to
lose weight by building muscle mass.

A peek into the different plans!
This article describes a way vegetarians can get enough protein in their diets through the
“High Protein Veggie” meal plan.  But first, you need to understand that people who simply
want enough protein in their diets have different caloric requirements than those who want
to lose weight by building up muscle mass, and need dietary plans accordingly.  With diets
offering tasty foods that are high in protein, you will always look forward to eating healthy!
Men and women have different daily caloric requirements because of their body
composition and metabolisms.

Once you understand this you will choose your meal plan
accordingly. It differs according to gender, taking their needs into account so if you are
following any diet ensure that it meets your requirements. Though these following plans
were designed according to different genders, they are unisex in nature meaning that
anyone can follow them successfully.

Are you planning to lose weight by building muscle mass?

If you are then, the daily caloric intake is ideal for a 5’9” male – 2,500.  Remember the
1.  A diet that is 20% protein contains approximately 125 grams of protein
2.  This type of diet contains approximately .75 gram protein/pound
Is it your goal to consume more protein?

In that case, the daily caloric intake is ideal for a 5’6” female – 2000.  Remember the
1. 17-20% of the calories in this diet are made up of protein
2.  That type of a diet contains approximately .5-.7 grams/pound of protein
Now that you know the percentages and amounts of protein you should be consuming daily,
let’s discuss the types of protein-rich foods you should be eating.

– Dairy products
A bowl of yogurt a day, or milk and cheese products in moderation are an excellent source
of protein.  But beware because excess amounts of protein can result in constipation and
excessive acne.

– Legumes

The average human needs to consume 2-3 cups of beans a day to get the desirable amounts
of protein.  Beans and lentils should be thoroughly cooked before consumption to avoid
absorbing high amounts of phytic acid which can make it more difficult for the body to
absorb certain key minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium.

– Soy
Soybeans and soy products are included in the legume family too.  They are an excellent and
a safe source of protein

– Whole Grains
Foods containing whole grains can be bread, rices, and pastas.  They are also a tasty source
of protein. Their only weakness is that they contain high amounts of phytic acid.  Grains
should be eaten in moderation by the weight conscious people because they are high in
complex carbohydrates which the body converts into sugar and stored as fat!
The following meal plan will help even those who are strict vegetarians in obtaining enough

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