How to eat healthy without depriving yourself?

I need some extra fries on the side..but umm calories? Maybe I should just stop at the sandwich.
Seem relatable? Well, while embarking on a weight loss journey or fitness journey people often
starve themselves. And if they don’t starve, then they stick to a diet that they won’t prefer to eat
even when they are starving. Feel tempted by a brownie or a choco-lava cake? Go ahead and
have a bite!

This is the reason why people often get discouraged even on the initial days of starting their
fitness journey. How many times you have given up on your diet? Too often right? Many people
workout under the notion, that if you have to be healthy and fit, you need to deprive yourself
of eating your favorite food and suffer. This way they end up either ditching the diet or suffer
from malnutrition.

Why deprivation isn’t the answer!
You can’t live on a restrictive diet for the rest of your life, and so you need to create a diet that’s
going to fit your lifestyle rather than forcing yourself to adopt a whole new lifestyle for the sake
of dieting. So, if you want to shed some pounds, here are some tips and tricks to achieve your
goal naturally.
1. Eat enough to nurture yourself and be consistent:
Try to keep track of everything that passes your lips. Get the right amount of protein,
carbohydrates, and fats and keep a close look at the number of micronutrients as well.
Make yourself aware of what you are eating instead of trying to bottom out your calorie
intake. In this way, you will be providing the right number of calories for your activity
level and size and will feel much better about the entire process.

2. Consume in parts and don’t do away with them all at a time:
Instead of cutting down all of your favorite foods from your diet, what you can do is
check the calorie level that each of your edibles consists. Of course, you can eat fruits,
sprouts, oatmeal porridge or anything healthy but if you have too much of them, even that

can enhance your weight. On the other hand, if you lower the intake frequency of high
sugar treats, then you might also lose weight. Simple isn’t it?

3.  Go for homemade, calories-worth treats:
Look, here homemade food means something where you have put your efforts in. When
you opt for home-made treats, you practically have to put in physical efforts to prepare it.
On the other hand, the junkies that you pull out of the shelves, don’t even burn a single
peck of your calories, endowing you with all the sweetness and fats that they have. So
make a consistent habit of staying away from the store-bought treats!

4. Make proteins and fibers the stars of your meal:
Fewer people know that protein is an incredible option for satisfying hunger, helping you
to feel fuller. People generally go for carbohydrates, but protein is way too amazing to be
compared to anything. Protein helps in boosting muscle strength; enhances the
metabolism and builds muscles. This is one of the other reasons why protein is a
significant part of any fitness journey. Fiber also makes you feel satisfied and reduces
sudden hunger pangs. So your metabolism would always be at the peak!

5.  Implement one habit at a time:
Most people leave their workout schedules easily due to all the heft tasks that their trainer
or the dietician suggests. You need to take your time, as you will require some time to
couple the exercises with the healthy diet that you have been prescribed. So don’t rush.
Lastly, elevate your perspective on the entire weight loss procedure and put your emotions and
wellbeing first. The results will surely stun you!

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