How to Cope with Emotional Eating?

There are times when people often feel to munch on something while watching a movie or reading a book. Some people get the urge of reaching out for chocolate when in a grievous mood. These all are signs of emotional eating, yes that’s true most people don’t eat because of physical hunger but out of an emotional one. Emotional eating is becoming a common habit in our lives and that too without acknowledging its existence. 

All the cultures have the trend of celebrating the days with food. We often tend to reach something sweet or junk food to release stress or just to celebrate a small moment. But the fact remains that emotional eating doesn’t fix the problems instead increases the health issue. There is a solution to change your emotional eating habits. 

Be Aware

The most important thing is to become aware of eating habits for a healthier lifestyle. The biggest cause of emotional eating is unawareness. You can occasionally pick up something sweet or anything to eat but it becomes the health problem when eating is your primary emotional coping mechanism. The real problem is never faced if you open the refrigerator every time you are stressed, angry, lonely, or exhausted. Eating may feel good at the moment but the feelings that triggered the eating would still be there. 

Have Support 

Nothing can be achieved by all alone, we all are connected to each other. We do need support in our daily lives. One may keep indulging in unhealthy eating habits without support. Therefore, it is always better to find support in your family or friends who provide you the healthy options. Also, it is always suggested that you should have someone to talk whenever you feel stressed or under pressure. Communication instead of emotional eating is the solution to your feelings and issues. Just picking up junk food to eat thinking no one will understand you, won’t solve the problem. 

Food is not the reward

You have achieved a good score in your exams or you have been promoted in your job and now you want to reward yourself. Remember that party and food is not the only reward you deserve for your success. There are other options for rewarding yourself like getting a Spa, new clothes, or maybe a small trip. It definitely requires effort, time, and practice to stop seeing food as the ultimate source of gratification. Sometimes listening to music or watching a video may help to reduce the craving for unhealthy food. Being healthy is the ultimate reward for everything. 

Managing a Busy Schedule

People often tend to eat something unhealthy when they are too hungry or too tired to cook. It might be possible to go for the ready-to-eat processed foods in the kitchen instead of cooking. Cooking healthy doesn’t come to mind when you are emotionally vulnerable or you have a busy schedule. If you think that cooking healthy is a long process, then probably you should check out some of the healthy and quick recipes. We recommend you prepare your healthy meal in advance, so that when you are in a hurry or crave to eat when emotional, at-least you have something healthy. 

Assortments in Healthy food

Yes! That’s the thing that healthy food does not necessarily mean to have boring vegetables. There are many varieties of healthy food. There are various kinds of salads and sugar-free desserts to satisfy your emotional hunger. Grab a healthy option to have a healthy solution. There goes the saying – what you eat is what you are. So, next time when you find something to munch when you are emotional, look for healthy food to have a happy mood. 

Pause and Write 

Keep a diary with yourself and start writing when you are feeling emotional. It is not good to just pick the food whenever you are feeling emotional. It is always good to pause when cravings hit and check-in with yourself. Talk to yourself to wait for five minutes or even a minute before you run to grab the unhealthy food. It is important to learn about how you are feeling instead of giving in to your temptations. Research says that emotional eating actually leads to feeling powerless over your emotions which is absolutely not right. 

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