How meditation can keep you calm and positive?

Meditation is considered as one of the oldest, simplest and best form for the stress relief. Various meditation techniques are being followed globally. The continuous meditation practice can assist in the relaxation of body, mind, and soul. It is the only way to bring inner peace and is also the fastest way to release stress.

What is meditation?

Though the meditation has been followed by many people all across the world yet is misunderstood a lot. In earlier years, meditation was practiced to understand the deep meaning of sacred and mystical forces of life. But slowly and gradually meditation became part to release the stress and a relaxation technique. Meditation simply means to shift the focus from the countless thoughts in the mind to the breath process. Sitting in silence is the process to focus your attention and eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts that cause stress. Meditation as a tool to be calm. Among the various benefits of meditation, one of the best benefits is that it helps in keeping calm.

The emotional benefits of meditation are as follows:-

A New Perspective on Stressful Situations

Since meditation gives time to sit in silence and a break from the continuous thoughts, it gives a new perspective. When you are in a stressful situation then you tend to overthink the topic or a situation. Sitting in silence and concentrating on your breath for a few minutes will assist you in looking into the new angle of the same situation. And keep you motivated.

Building Skills to Manage Your Stress

Meditation will enhance the essential skills to manage your issues. It helps in enhancing skills like focus on a particular thing at a given time or shifting the thoughts and finding a solution with calmness.

Increasing Self-Awareness

Meditation is the process of understanding your own mind. If you don’t understand your own thinking then whatever you think has very little meaning. Without the foundation of self-esteem knowledge, thinking leads to mischief. Every thought has a significance, and if the mind is incapable of seeing the significance, not just of one or two thoughts, but of each thought as it arises, then merely to concentrate on a particular idea, image, or set of words- which is generally called meditation- is a form of self-hypnosis.

Focussing on The Present

Our mind tends to roam in the past, present or future. For beginners, it will be extremely difficult to control their thoughts. Try it and you will see how difficult it is to be aware of every movement of your own thought because thoughts pile up so quickly one on the top of another. But if you want to examine every thought, if you really want to see the content of it, then you will find that your thoughts slow down and you can watch them. This slowing down of thinking and examining every thought is the process of meditation; and if you go into it, you will find that by being aware of every thought, your mind- which is now a vast storehouse of restless thoughts all barrelling against each other- becomes quiet, completely still.

Reducing Negative Emotions

Meditation teaches you to remove the negative feelings from yourself. It helps you focus on the positive feelings and forgive and seek forgiveness. If you practice meditation and you still keep hatred for others or even anyone; you cannot pass through until you create a love for even that single individual whom you have carried inside the emotion of hatred for. Mediation is just to peep inside and see what is hooking to your consciousness and be free now.

Increasing Imagination and Creativity

Meditation practices get you connected with your inner child and thus it brings out creativity. The regular meditation practice gets you connected with yourself and enhances your hidden talents of creativity. Meditation practice is also famous for bringing out the best productivity at work. It is a good idea to always sit in one place for meditation. If you meditate in the same place every day, your meditation becomes better and better. The best thing to meditate in one place. However, if this is not convenient and one place is not available.

Increasing Patience and Tolerance

Meditation is all about controlling your thoughts and focusing on the breath process. This is the reason that meditation increases the patience and tolerance in a person who regularly practices meditation. Since you learn the slow process of controlling the thoughts and gradually controlling your senses. With meditation, you will learn to control to give reaction to everything and focus on what’s really important in life.

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