How Can I Start Meditating?

Meditation is the process of understanding your mind. If you don’t understand your thinking, which is self-knowledge, whatever you think has very little meaning. Without the foundation of self-esteem knowledge, thinking leads to mischief. Every thought has a significance, and if the mind is incapable of seeing the significance, not just of one or two thoughts, but of each thought as it arises, then merely to concentrate on a particular idea, image, or set of words- which is generally called meditation- is a form of self-hypnosis.

So whether you are sitting quietly, talking, or playing are you aware of the significance of every thought, of every reaction that you happen to have? Try it and you will see how difficult it is to be aware of every movement of your thought because thoughts pile up so quickly one on the top of another. Meditation means to watch your thoughts and slowly controlling them. 

We bring you a few tips for all those who are just beginning with the meditation process:-

  • You should find a comfortable place and make sure you sit silently. There should be no sound of anything. It is important that in the beginning, you take out time to sit at a quiet place and focus on the breathing process. 


  • If you find difficult to close your eyes for the entire duration of meditation then you may choose to wear the eye masks or band to keep the eyes closed.


  • During the few days of meditation, you mustn’t try to control either the breath or the thoughts that come to your mind. If you struggle with breathing or the thought process then it might be difficult to do the meditation. 


  • You should simply focus on breath and just watch the inhaling and exhaling process of your breath. 


  • Some people find it strange and tough to sit in silence, they may feel like a little alien or may feel goose booms or there might be daunting. But all of these are okay to feel in the beginning as you gradually will be able to meditate perfectly. 


  • One of the best tips is not to stop at the first step and continue your practice for more days. The more meditation you continue to do the more expert you will be in the meditation. Always remember meditation requires a lot of practice. 


  • For the beginning of the meditation process, you may start with the guided instruction meditations. There is much-guided meditation online as well as from experts of meditation. 


  • You should remember that there is no right or wrong meditation, good or bad meditation. It is just the process of simply sitting and practice more and more. 


  • Some of the meditation techniques include the visualization of the things or desires you want. You may try some of the visualization techniques in the beginning. 


  • Trust your institution process and listen to your body during the process of meditation. 


  • If you are unable to sit on the mat with back straight then you may sit on the chair with back supported. However, you should try to keep the back straight during the process of meditation but only if your medical conditions allow. 


  • Never push yourself for the meditation process. Also, you should not do meditation whenever you are angry or sad or extremely happy. You should be just in a calm mood before beginning the meditation. 
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