Gym hygiene- what to check before joining a new gym

The fad of a gym pulls everyone to join for some workouts and keep the body fit and fine. This cuts across age and
gender. The need to keep the body fit and fine is an overriding concern for people from all walks of life.
As soon as a new gym opens in a new locality, there is a heavy dose of campaigns to pull members to the same.
There are newspaper ads, TV ads, paper inserts, and door to door campaigns. Sometimes known celebrities are
brought for the ribbon cutting.

This is all fine but those who are planning to join any gym should make a checklist of all the criteria to ensure that
the gym meets the desired standards. The most important being the gym hygiene.

The main points for gym hygiene and credibility

  • Educated trainers: There are several gyms who appoint the so-called " one-time " trainers. This means they were
    good trainers in their young and heydays but no longer so. The gyms should be verified for certified and practising
    trainers who are steroid free and within a certain age limit and with minimum 5 years' experience and above.
  • Member profile: The fee of a certain gym plays a very crucial role and so does the trainer profile. While checking out
    the earlier mentioned criteria of a trainer, it is also best to know the trainer reputation in pulling the crowd. A high
    fee mandates the need to check all infra and trainer background and a low fee mandates the need to check hidden
  • Equipment type and Maintenance: It is always better to take a good look around. Does the gym have an adequate
    number of Machines? Does a member have to wait unduly till existing member finishes his workout? Does the cardio
    equipment have a time limit? Is there a sign in sheet? All this needs to be verified. The equipment also needs to be
    checked for any hidden fault.
  • The unique amenities in the gym: It is common for everyone to display a set of muscle flexing training and some
    impressive cardio and dumbles equipment. But beyond this bare-bones display, some depth checking like a dietician,
    onsite nutritionist and massage therapist are available. This means that they are not just bodybuilders but also
    special fitness managers.
  • Cleanliness inside: The gym needs to have high standards of cleanliness. Fresh towels should be given to each and
    every member after every session. There should be no sharing. The locker rooms, toilets, and the showers should be
    maintained with absolute cleanliness and regular chlorine wash is a must. There should be no let-up in this.
  • Background check: This is not to say that there needs to be a suspicious check on the gym managers or owners.
    Sometimes the owners may be first-timers with a lot of enthusiasm and customer commitment. However, if there is
    any prior issue in any previous gym venture, then it is better to rule out as a precaution.

It may seem a very trivial thing to make a research level study on something like a gym. But certainly, it is not to be
taken lightly. After all, good body and health is the main reason to enrol for gym workouts. Hence there should not
be any compromise on it.

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