Fitness Franchise: Small Business Trends in the Fitness Industry

budgeted franchise in India
budgeted franchise in India

Any venture requires that you have a passion for it. Among the most lucrative business ideas for entrepreneurs, fitness rates at the top. Health and fitness is the mantra of the new generation. They want to remain active and fit. Are you passionate about the business of exercises, diet, and fitness? Then a budgeted franchise in India for fitness is perfect for you.

Are You Thinking about Franchise Opportunities in India for Fitness? Know the Statistics!

Welcome the new generation in India. They are a bunch of people who have rising awareness of a healthy lifestyle. But they also know that rapid urbanization and westernization have set in. This has led to rising lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes. Here we bring you some statistics about the fitness industry.  Also know why owning a budgeted franchise in India would be a sound investment idea.

  1. Around 72% of the fitness enthusiasts fall under the age category of 20-30 years.
  2. 50% of the fitness enthusiasts are professionals and 40% comprise of students.
  3. 53% exercise to reduce health-related risks. 46% do exercises to improve their energy levels. 42% of the people have losing weight as the foremost fitness criteria on their minds.

Are you already thinking about franchise opportunities in India? We bet, you did think about it.

Are You Really in for Some Lucrative Franchise Opportunities in India for Fitness?

Now you would know that there are many who are interested in joining a fitness center. Here, we bring you statistics about the fitness market in India. This will make you sure that you would invest in the budgeted franchise in India for fitness.

Fitness Market – The Trends So Far!

There is a tremendous potential for fitness business. The stage is all set for you to think about owning a budgeted franchise in India.

  1. The estimated value of the fitness market in India is pegged at 97,000 crores.
  2. The value of the retail market for fitness in India at present is about 7,000 crores.
  3. The fitness market is to grow by 25% in 2020.

Why You Should Think of Owning a Budgeted Franchise in India for Fitness?

The fitness trend in India has evolved like every other aspect of our culture. The fitness in India is becoming more accessible to a wider audience. We are living in a world where there is a wide array of choices. With more and more franchise opportunities in India, it is time that you select the best. Here, we highlight some of the major trends evolving in the physical fitness arena.

  • The Atmosphere inside the Gyms Is Changing Fast

Even a budgeted franchise in India offers good quality equipment and the latest technology. Luxury is now dependent on competitive pricing. Basic equipment is passé. With more and more franchise opportunities in India, providing good quality equipment to the client has become a necessity. The gym trainers are also improving. They scour the internet to do researches on the exercises and its health benefits.

  • The Workout Is Better Done in Gyms

The gyms now provide personalized trainers for a reasonable cost. The group environment in the gym motivates the people to exercise together. Fitness has now become a community-driven activity. The intense step-aerobics, spinning, combat cardio classes are all offered as customized workouts even in a budgeted franchise in India. The franchise opportunities in India are becoming more advanced. They grab all the finer points to be successful.

  • Everyone Wants a More Positive Body Image

The current trend is on focusing more on helping people change the way they feel. It is not about transforming their appearance. The budgeted franchise in India is evolving towards a holistic approach to fitness. The matured franchise opportunities in India are not giving unrealistic demands now.  

  • People Are Making the Fitness Gadgets Work for Them

The fitness trackers are in great demand. People are embracing the wearable gadgets to analyze their activity. Be it any activity in the gym or at home, there are various apps available to track your performance. The budgeted franchise in India for fitness is involving its customers. It now provides them with health badges after their exercise routine. The competition for franchise opportunities in India has become more intense. Everyone is upping the ante for complex challenges in the fitness industry.

  • Online Is the New Vogue in the Fitness Industry

Everyone is taking advantage of the online fitness videos and blogs. Any budgeted franchise in India for fitness will also include online consultation for the customer benefit. The services of the personal trainers are available online. The franchise opportunities in India for the fitness industry have also evolved. Many of them provide exclusive services for bodybuilding, yoga, weight loss, fitness, and so on. The gyms and fitness studios are accessible on the smartphones with no trouble. This forces the people to include fitness in their daily routine.

The growing middle class is bringing in more revenues for the budgeted franchise in India. The franchise opportunities in India are galore. They are adopting many strategies to control some cost resources like the rentals and space. The franchises are now providing personalized care. The franchises opportunities in India are a plus point if you are opting to scale up the existing gym. The budgeted franchise in India has opened up in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Now, we know for sure that the fitness industry is continuing its upward march!

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