Gluten-Free Food And Its Importance


Gluten-free food items are a BIG thing now. No matter where you go to get your daily groceries from, you will invariably
come across this buzzword.
But, well, this is not merely a buzzword to those are allergic to gluten.
Are you also developing an intolerance towards foods that contain gluten?
Don’t worry, for you are not alone.
There are hundreds and thousands of other people like you. And if you are planning to bring in a change to your diet,
this blog is going to be very helpful. Here is all that you need to know about gluten-free food.

What is gluten and why are you allergic to it?

Gluten is basically a group of plant proteins that are predominantly found in the grains of cereals. Gluten consists of two
key proteins namely gliadin and glutenin, out which, gliadin is the one that causes various health problems in our bodies.
When the human body is unable to digest the gluten protein, it gives rise to different complications. And health issues
can range from mild allergies to severe digestive problems like celiac disease. However, opinions about gluten are
divided – where some people feel that gluten is safe for all except those who suffer from celiac disease, while others
claim that gluten causes harm to most of the people.
Cereals like wheat, rye barley are rich in this protein and must, therefore, be avoided if you are allergic to gluten. Any
form of food products like breads, cookies, pizzas, that are made using these cereals must also be avoided to prevent

Importance of gluten-free food.

To the people who suffer from a gluten allergy, the importance of gluten-free food is supreme.

 -For IBS
Apart from those who suffer from celiac disease, gluten-free food is also highly recommended for those who suffer from
chronic gastric disorders. If you have been detected with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, then switching over to a diet free of
gluten can alleviate your condition to a great extent.

-For autism
Many researchers also claim that a gluten-free diet is beneficial for children who exhibit signs of autism. Although this
stands to be fully confirmed, certain studies have proved this observation to be true.

Beats cholesterol
Going on a gluten-free diet has proved to be immensely helpful for people who have high cholesterol levels. Foods that
are free of gluten can help them keep the bad cholesterol in the blood under a check.

-Improves digestion

If you are intolerant to gluten but not severely allergic to it, then also gluten-free foods should be your first choice. You
will find a marked difference in your digestive powers with no more bloating, headaches, acidity, or diarrhoea.
Consequently, your quality of life will significantly improve.


Going totally gluten-free can be difficult, especially since our staple diet consists of cereals like wheat. But this is not
impossible. And given that more and more food manufacturers are striving to meet the rising demands of gluten-free
food, you will get plenty of delectable food options available today. All that you need to do is read the label very
carefully while picking your food.

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