Exercises for Beginners to Boost Immunity

Everyone is acquainted with the word “COVID19,” which has shaken the world. And it has taught us the lesson to have strong immunity. We all are now aware that just running after money, job and other things won’t help if you do not have good health. This epidemic has made us realize that being healthy is very important in life. We have spoiled our body very much by not giving importance to junk food, waking up till late at night, and physical exercise. The continuous activity, even if it means 3 days a week, will help in maintaining a balanced metabolism. It’s never too late to start anything, and exercise is only for your health. So you should take a small step towards your health.

We bring you some of the beginners exercise to boost immunity, and they are as follows:-



Whenever we think of any physical, immunological exercise, “Yoga” comes to mind. Yoga and Pranayama keep our health fit. And this can quickly be done in the room of the house. Among them, Suryanamaskar, Vrajasana, and Manduk are easy asanas in yoga and chanting of Om, Alom Vilom, simple breathing exercise – Pranayam, etc. can be done quickly. It makes our lungs healthy. Yoga is also one of the beginner exercises if you don’t try challenging poses at one go. Let your body get into the habit of simplest postures or asanas first and then slowly, and gradually you can come up to challenging poses. The continuous practice of yoga is believed to improve respiration, energy, and vitality. It is the purest form of exercise that helps in weight reduction.



If your house has a courtyard, terrace or garden, then you can start walking. In the beginning, you should walk in the slow space and for 10 to 15 minutes. Gradually you can increase the speed and duration of the walk. Frequent walking is considered the most straightforward exercise that delays the aging of the immune system. The more you remain active, the more healthy you will be. Nothing can be as simple as walking with numerous benefits. Walking has its advantages like bits of help in more robust bones, improved balance. Regular walking reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. Walking is a simple yet powerful exercise as it has resulted in improved management of conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, and diabetes.


Climb Stairs

If you have just decided to get into the daily exercise, then you should start with the simple workout like walking or climbing stairs. If you go to the office then instead of using lifts, you can use the stairs regularly. Or you may climb stairs ten times during the day. Climbing stairs is again the simple exercise that is beneficial for your knees and the immune system of your body. This does not need any trainers or tutorials and can help build your body in many ways. Regular climbing stairs can build tone and muscle. It quickly burns fat and calories and also reduces cholesterol levels. If you develop the habit of climbing stairs, then it would increase stamina and energy.  


Resistance Training

As a beginner, you may efficiently perform some of the resistance exercises. This form of exercise is completed to improve the strength and function of muscles. Age and inactivity of the body may tend to cause muscles and ligaments to shorten over time though it all depends on the body to body. Each body is different, but continuous exercise can make anybody healthy and boost immunity. So, resistance training or stretching exercises are performed for muscle strength in the body. It is one of the best cost-effective activities for the whole body.



If you have decided to join the Gym, then we suggest, to begin with, the treadmill. Walking on the treadmill at the slow space is one of the beginner’s exercise. It is also a great cardiovascular exercise. In the beginning, it is recommended to walk at a low intensity for 30 minutes or 15 minutes, depending on your body. The treadmill has many benefits as they can be controlled for the use of running, walking, or jogging. You could use a treadmill as running hills, which is one of the best ways to burn calories, build your strength, and improve overall immunity in the body.


Free Weights

Beginners are recommended for the Dumbbells, and they are best in the category of Strength- training equipment. Some of the other forms of strength – training exercises include flexible bands and flexible rods. Adjustable bands come with the instructions; therefore, they are considered excellent for the beginners. Though the stretchy bands are not recommended for the extended use as the body gets used to it and would need more challenges for the long term.

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