Ever Thought How Not To Lose Weight? Here’s How!

Never sacrifice your health in the quest to lose a few pounds!

As societies around the world become richer, its citizens are on the never-ending quest to
lose weight to look as attractive as the celebrities they admire.  You may well be one of
these people. Well, while it’s not wrong to want a nice figure its wrong to hurt yourself in
the process of getting it.

You should always remember to stick to the tried and true regimen of good nutrition,
intense cardiovascular workouts, and resistance training – these are the proven ways to lose
weight quickly.  No one should ever go on a ‘diet’ because ‘diets’ do not work. If you do lose
weight from these ‘diets’ you will eventually gain all of the weight lost and then some.
Stay Smart. Stay Healthy!

This article explains the ‘diets’ you should never follow if you want to lose weight. Read on
and stay off these overhyped weight loss techniques.

1. Juice cleanse
This diet involves drinking primarily or only juices.  While people may feel healthier in the
short-run, they (and you) should never follow it because they have little to no protein which
your body needs for sustenance.  If you try this diet, the weight you will lose will be protein
or muscle mass. You will find that you will gain all of the weight you lost while on this diet
once you go off of it, and since you have lost protein (something your body needs to
maintain vital functions) your health will also suffer.

2. Skipping meals
Never think that skipping meals is a part of a good diet because it is not.  This is because you
will end up feeling super hungry when you finally eat and you will overeat – that packs on
unnecessary calories.  You will also end up snacking on foods with empty calories like potato
chips and donuts – this will actually make you gain weight instead of lose it!

3. Going Gluten-free
No reliable scientific evidence exists which supports the validity of the gluten-free diet.
People who follow the gluten-free diet often eat lots of packaged foods like muffins and
breads which are packed with extra calories, sugar, fats, and preservatives – all things which
will actually make you gain weight when eaten in excess.  You will find that a far more
effective and healthier alternative is to avoid eating foods that are high in simple
carbohydrates. Example is white bread. You should eat foods that are nutritious and high in
starch like quinoa, fruit, beans, or any food that will help you show off your toned abs.

4. Drinking vinegar before every meal
While some studies show that vinegar actually promotes healthier blood sugar levels, makes
you feel fuller faster, it is not a good dietary aide because of its high acidic content which is
known to irritate the stomach and throat.  If you use vinegar, dietitians suggest using it along with the meals. A good example is using delicious balsamic vinegar dressing with salads.

5. Eating entirely fat free foods
This is not an effective way to lose weight because you will find that your food tastes bland
and tasteless, kind of like rabbit food.  This will actually motivate you to sneak in foods that
are high in empty calories and the fats like potato chips, candy, and cookies.  Additionally,
your body needs harmless fats in order to carry out certain metabolic functions. Foods like
avocados are full of these ‘good fats.’

As is evident, while many tips abound claiming to help you lose weight, some should be
strictly avoided because they are counterproductive in nature.  If you have any doubts
regarding a dietary tip or plan, you should always consult a nutritionist or dietician because
they are the experts in this field!

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