Dieting vs Lifestyle Changes

Life is all about looking good and feeling good, don’t you agree?

However, media makes us believe that to feel good in our own skin; we have to look in a certain way. Now to reach
to the desired position people all around the world are focusing on diet charts and supplements. But, studies show
that diets work temporarily. If you are trying to lose weight and stay fit then only controlling the diet won’t help you

in the long run. Lifestyle change is necessary.
Bringing healthy changes in lifestyle can help you to lose weight permanently and also can help you to maintain the
healthy weight.

Subtle Difference between Diet and Lifestyle Change.

Diet is mainly about temporarily changing the food habits you are habituated to. No short-term plan helps in the
long run and if you are looking for something that will help you to maintain your healthy weight then diet is
obviously not for you. A lifestyle change means bringing a healthy change into your food habits and getting
habituated with the changed food habit. Adopting healthy food habits will ultimately help you to stay fit and to lose
weight. Lifestyle change includes getting involved in exercising as well.

Diet won’t help you in your Long-term Weight Loss Plan.

Various reports show dieters usually regain the previous weight that they had lost during the dieting period. During
the dieting period, generally, people lose only 5-10% of their weight. Diet does not help in maintaining the healthy
weight permanently.

Lifestyle Changes Can Help You to Stay in Shape Permanently.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that only 20% dieters finally get success in maintaining the healthy
weight by bringing a permanent change in their lifestyle. Lifestyle change helps the dieter to keep off the excess
weight. Lifestyle changes include taking breakfast regularly and timely, exercising daily, keeping a balance in the food
intake amount and maintaining it throughout the week consistently or focusing on a low fat, low-calorie diet.

Bringing Necessary Changes into Daily Life

Viable lifestyle changes are important to maintain the proper weight in the long-term period. You must target
getting involved in regular exercise at least for an hour. Start with 30 minutes, then, gradually increase the time span
of exercising. Adopt better eating habits with the elimination of high sugary, salty foods and buying more fruits,
veggies, protein, and minerals.

Diet and lifestyle changes both go hand in hand. When you are changing lifestyle the diet part is already included in
it. You will eat less junk food and more healthy foods. Your diet will consist of a necessary amount of carbs, fat,
protein and calorie. A reasonable amount of everything promotes health and healthy habits. We all want to stay fit
and healthy and lifestyle change is not only about foods and exercises. Lifestyle includes getting proper sleep,
managing stress and the ways in which you stay happy and energetic.
Only a healthy appropriate diet and necessary lifestyle changes can really help in losing weight. One without the
other is just a partial attempt that fetches incomplete results.

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