Cardio vs. Strength Training: Which is Better For Weight Loss?

After deciding to reduce weight, choosing the right way to achieve your goal could be tedious. Among the various options, choosing between cardio and strength training is one of the most difficult decisions people usually face. Both of these are popular styles of workouts for weight loss and both have been proven as effective ways.

According to people who are passionate about Cardio, a person burns fat by incinerating calories when the heart rate is increased. And as per the people who are passionate about strength training, excess fat is shed by increasing muscle mass as it causes to burn more calories throughout the day. But burning the fat depends on your body weight and your preference and capabilities towards different styles of workout. Let’s understand both the concepts to make the decision easier.



Cardio is a physical workout of low to high intensity that depends primarily on the energy-generating process. These exercises inspire the breathing rate and heart rate to increase in a way that can be continued for exercise sessions. Some of the best examples of cardio exercises are running or jogging, dancing, aerobic exercise, spinning, swimming, walking, and cycling.

Cardio improves not only physical health but also mental health. It reduces the chance of developing some cancers, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. If you choose Cardio for weight loss, then make sure it is simple, realistic, and practical.

About Strength Training

Weight Training

Strength training is the physical training where you use your body weight or external weight like dumbbells to push the muscles out of their comfort zone and forcing them to rebuild stronger. This assists in building the strength, bone density, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles. The best examples of strength training are squats, push-ups, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc.

Strength training elevates the metabolism for up to 14 hours after the 45 minutes of vigorous exercises. It could be noticed that with the continuous strength training program, your body weight might not be reduced, but it improves the body composition. Many people choose the strength training program to enhance their physical attractiveness.

Better Choice

The results of weight loss programs depend on the intensity you perform the exercise with. For instance, if you complete the Cardio with high intensity, then it gives similar results to that of the strength training program. And if you complete the strength training with low energy, then it provides identical results to the cardio exercise. The bottom line is that the force at which you perform a workout or training determines if it’s aerobic or anaerobic.

The choice of the style of workout also depends on your likes and preferences. If you do not enjoy cardio exercises, then it might not give you the results you’re hoping to achieve. Similarly, strength training is practical only when you’re passionate about it.

If you wish to achieve the best results, then you can include both the exercises in your fitness schedule. You may obtain the best of both worlds. You should also consult the experts/trainers who will be able to tell the best program according to your body composition and weight. It requires a lot of effort to achieve good health and choosing the method of exercise can increase your mental pressure.

The debate would be never-ending without your preference and the right guidance from experts. One thing you should always remember is that along with the right exercise, a proper diet plan is equally important to achieve the fitness goals you’ve set for yourself.

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