Boost Your Metabolism Rate With These Easy Tips!

Metabolism is nothing but all the chemical reactions that take place within the human body.
Isn’t it? It is those chemical reactions that get your body up and running and capable of
performing its daily activities. So you get an idea of how important it is?
The more calories your body is capable of burning, the more you will lose weight in no time.
High metabolism rates in the body provide it with energy and you feel fit and fine. So if you
have been failing to lose weight for some time, now you know where to start! Metabolism is
the key to both weight loss and a healthy system.
Here’s What To Do!

Read on to know more about the easy ways in which you can increase the rate of metabolism in
your body:

1. Consume lots of protein:
It’s necessary to include lots of protein in your everyday diet as it is capable of increasing the
metabolism rate. It is also known as the thermic effect of food.

2. Drink lots of cold water every day:
Drinking cold water regularly throughout the day comes with huge benefits too. It is essential
that you keep your body well hydrated throughout the day with cool water instead of drinks
with high sugar content.

3. Perform high-intensity workouts:
Exercising regularly by doing high-intensity workouts burns a lot of calories and fat as well as
increases the rate of metabolism in your body, even after the workout has been completed.
High-intensity exercises even burn fat mass and belly fat at a faster rate.

4. Try Some Heavyweight lifting:
Lifting heavy objects enables your muscles to be more active. It aids in the building of muscles
and burning off extra calories even while you are at rest. Lifting heavy objects regularly makes
you retain muscles, prevent the loss of muscle mass, aids in metabolism and enhances the core
strength of the body.

5. Stand up more often:
Sitting for a long time can take a toll on your health. Continuous sitting has recently been
termed as the ‘new smoking’. When you sit for a longer period of time you burn the lesser
amount of calories which leads to those extra kilos. So get up and take a brisk walk, talk over
the phone with your loved ones or get yourself a glass of water!

6. Consume green tea or oolong tea every morning:
Consumption of green tea on an empty stomach helps to increase the metabolism rate by up to
4-5%. The green tea converts the excess fat in your body into free fatty acids that help with the
process of metabolism.

7. Eat spicy foods from time to time:
Spicy foods that contain peppers and other spices boost your metabolism and burn excess
calories. This is due to the fact that spices contain capsaicin which plays a major role in
increasing the metabolism rate.

8. Sleep well:

A stressful day should end with a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep causes obesity and causes
other negative effects that disrupt the process of metabolism in the body. Sleep deprivation
also affects insulin resistance, immunity of the body and as a result, increases the blood sugar
and blood pressure levels in the body.

9. Consume coffee:
From time immemorial, coffee has been associated with boosting the metabolism rate by at
least 3-11%. It promotes the burning of excess fat in the body and contributes effectively
towards successful weight loss and a high metabolism rate.

10. Use coconut oil instead of cooking fats:
Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fats that boost metabolism when compared to other
cooking fats such as ghee and butter.

Now that you have an idea of things that will definitely give a boost to your metabolism go
ahead and try them regularly and see the difference yourself!

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