Body-weight Workout Impactful In 5 Min

For the entire working people crowd out there, who have a race against time in balancing work and home, morning
exercises are always a challenge. There is breakfast to prepare, see off the children to school, and then prepare
some office snacks for self. Sometimes, some pending office work can also take up the restricted morning time.
But the good news is that by just sparing 5 mins, you can now stay fit and active.

Want to know how? Then simply read on.

The best and short exercises to have a fit body
The perfect way is to be warm up the knees by moving them up. This is a good way to start and the best part is that
the rest periods reduce with each set. Run in place, driving with the legs and with equal vigour pumping with the
arms. Reduce the rest period after each session. First, it can be 20 seconds, then 10, then 5 etc. The knees should
rise above the hip level.

Subsequently, it should be on two circuits while it rotates around training between one part and the other. The
theory is that as one area recovers, the other should work. The ending is with burpees and the cooldown of the body
through jumping jacks.

The focus of the exercise should be on more on time and less on reps. The objective is to modulate the entire pace
to the fitness level. A tracking system of how many reps are done in a certain time frame will help to know the
overall improvement over the days.

Break It Up
Step 1 also known as Hindu Squat
Process: Stand with feet shoulder width and get up on the base of the feet. Exhale while squatting down keeping the
heels in the air. Inhale while standing up and rest the heels on the floor. To retain balance the arms can be put

Step 2 also known as Push-ups
Process: Push-ups are the standard exercise for youngsters. Put the hands on the floor outside the shoulder and
extend the legs behind. The body should be in a straight line. Lower the body until the chest is about an inch above
the floor and then push back.

Step 3 also known as Single-leg glute bride iso hold
Process: Lie on back and bend both legs so that heels are close to the butt of the body. Brace abs and push through heels to
raise the butt in the air. Extend one leg in line with another and use foot to support it. Keep hips raised. Switch legs
with ten seconds each.

Step 4 also known chair dip
Process: Put hands on the base of a chair and move legs forward. The body should be suspended by the chair. Lower
the body towards floor till the upper arms are parallel to floor and then push back.

Step 5 also known as plank
Process: get into push-up position and put forearms on the floor. Brace the abs and hold the body in straight line.

Some minimal form of body exercise or movement is a must to remain healthy. While it might not possible to spend
half an hour at the gym regularly, at least five minutes of an effective power-packed workout like this should do the

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