7 Amazing Bodybuilding Training Exercises

gym trainer
gym trainer

People mostly go to the gym for weight training and even with the purpose to build their body. We bring you the 10 most amazing Bodybuilding Training exercises that your gym trainer must make you do:

  • Dumbbell Bench Press– Ensure that you exercise in the correct posture and lift weights that are apt for you. Do not exert yourself or put any kind of pressure on your body to lift heavy weight. The muscle targeted during this exercise is the chest, therefore it helps in training you for bodybuilding in trendy gym.


  • Push-Ups: In this exercise, the only equipment in use is your body itself. It focuses on the chest, arms, and shoulders which help you gain muscles. By raising and lowering the body to the ground and back you improve your muscular endurance within the upper body also it strengthens your body and muscles.


  • Incline Dumbbell Flyes- The dumbbell flyes mainly focus on the muscles in your chest. Ensure that the inclination of the bench is no more than 30 degrees and is comfortable enough for you to lift heavy weights. Do not force yourself to lift heavy pressure on your arms or muscles as there may be worse consequences.  


  • Dips-  The triceps muscle at the back of the upper arm is primarily targeted in this chest version of dips. Ensure that while doing these exercises you have a good gym trainer guiding you throughout. A gym Workout is a must for people who want to do bodybuilding.


  • Deadlift- The deadlift exercise is to build power and mass. Deadlift is one of the most essential exercises you must do for bodybuilding. It helps massively in building the back muscles. The deadlift exercise must be done properly with a good gym trainer, it strengthens the muscles you use every day to bend and lift.


  • Squats- Heavy squats not only work on the logs but also in building and expanding your chest muscles and the back. Squatting may seem tougher in the beginning but eventually, the body gets used to it and you feel more comfortable doing them. A gym workout may not just focus on the chest but other areas as well!


  • Pull ups and Chin ups- This exercise is appropriate for those who want a V-Shaped body. This exercise increases the shoulder to the waist ratio. The main target is your arms and forearms which are usually needed in any sport!

    Therefore, exercising regularly and keeping yourself fit with a healthy body and a healthy mind, is the way to live! Living and eating healthy also helps improve the body’s endurance and overall immune system!
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