5 ways to get the perfect summer body

5 ways to get the perfect summer body
5 ways to get the perfect summer body


Summertime for most of us is vacation time. But it is also the best time of the year to get fitter and better toned. That summer body you always wanted can be yours this time of the year, and you don’t need to push yourself to the extreme for it.

Here are five simple things you need to do to get yourself tightened, toned and happier.

how to Stay hydrated during summer

Stay Hydrated: During the hotter months of the year, you tend to experience higher muscle wear and tear. While this leads to not a nutritional deficiency, but also a major loss in water. Muscle cramps are very good indicators of low hydration levels and muscle tense up with workouts. Ensure that you drink enough water or fresh fruit juices throughout and after your workout routine to avoid serious muscle injuries.

eat well during summer

Eat Well: Fad diets have been scientifically proven to cause more harm to you in the long run while showing you short term benefits. Thus, it is best to eat well, especially considering the abundance of foods that the season offers.

Winters usually is all about comfort foods that are needed for your body to produce enough heat and are laden with empty calories. Summer thus gives you the best time to shed these accumulated calories.

Pick a diet plan that complements your workout style and metabolism instead of blindly following a protein-rich diet that may not help you reach your fitness goals.

summer Full body workout

Full Body Workout: Although it is great to concentrate on specific muscle clusters for your fitness, full body workouts like planking or Zumba can help you start off. These are more effective and a lot more fun, especially when you have been off your regular workout session for a while.

Get into a rhythm, after which you can target specific fitness centers near you on a schedule that fits into your fitness goals well.

Variety is the Key: Like you get bored of the same set routine, you may not see a lot of positive results if you stick to the same sets every day. Mix and match your workout schedule every week, so that your muscles and body don’t become resistant to the wear and tear.

Your trainer can help you figure out several alternatives (even for a full body workout) so that you can make the most of the summer months.

Keep on Moving: Exercising is almost similar to being in a long-term relationship, this one can be a lot more intense as you are concentrating mainly on your own wellbeing. There will be cheat days and lazy days where you want to just give up or give in to the cravings.

Keep your eye on the end goal; you know you need to work hard and keep at it not just to reach the destination, but to also keep the converted prizes that come with it!

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