5 Easy Yoga Poses For a Healthier Mind 

Yoga has been proved to benefit the physical body, Mind, and spiritual level of a human being. It has been continued from ancient times, and many people believe in the power of Yoga. We all are aware that a healthy mind means a reduction in stress, anxiety, and unnecessary tensions. A healthy mind is needed for overall health. Let’s look at some of the easy yoga for a healthier brain:-

Lotus Pose

Padmasana or lotus pose is an excellent exercise for improving brainpower. It works best when done in the morning though not necessarily in an empty stomach. It relaxes the mind and calms the brain. When you sit in this meditative pose for 10 minutes, then it makes your hips more flexible and improves your body posture. The lotus pose is considered a good stretch for knees and ankles.

To do – Sit on the mat with your back straight so that your spine is erect. Place your right leg on the left thigh and left leg on the right thigh. This would be a cross position and now place your hands in the mudra position on both knees. Inhale and exhale deeply with long breaths.

Diamond Pose

Vajrasana or diamond pose is a kneeling exercise which is accompanied by the breathing process. It enables your body and mind to become more vigorous as a diamond. The best part is that this pose can be performed after having a meal. As a beginner, you may sit in this pose for 5 or 10 minutes.

To do – Sit on heels with knee touching the ground. Make sure your spine is erect and straight throughout the process. Breathe deeply while placing your hands on your thighs.

Seated forward Pose

Paschimottanasana or Seated ahead pose is considered the best Yoga form to release mild depression, stress, and anxiety. It also activates your kidneys and gives your shoulders a good stretch. The seated forward pose also reduces the headache and fatigue. It is known to cure high blood pressure and insomnia.

To do – Sit on the mat with your legs stretched out and make sure your back is straight now bent forward while touching your toes and try to touch the forehead to the knees. Make sure not to turn your legs as they should be straight.

Plow Pose

Halasana or Plow pose is believed to uncover the hidden capabilities of the body. The main benefit of this pose is that it reduces stress and calms the brain. You should perform this pose on an empty stomach or after 4 to 5 hours of eating a meal. You should hold the pose for 30 to 50 seconds during the practice for maximum benefits.

To do – Lie straight on the mat with your hands placed across your body. Now slowly take your legs up now support your back with your hands and bring your legs touching the ground over your head. 

Humming Bee Breathing

Bhramari Pranayama or the humming bee breathing is believed to improve memory as well as concentration. It can help to shift your emotions from negative to positive and calm you down as well. This post must be performed daily to experience calmness and a healthy body. It also helps in reducing stress or fatigue.

To do – Sit in a quiet place with eyes closed and a gentle smile. Now observe the sensations in the body and silence around you. You would now need to put your index fingers onto your ears in the cartilage between your ear and cheek. Take a deep breath and make a loud humming sound like a bee. Repeat this for 3 or 5 times

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