Training program for weight gain

Just as you need to exercise to lose weight similarly you also need to exercise to gain
weight. Each body is different and is made you of different genetics and reacts to food
and exercise differently. An experienced trainer can help you identify these triggers that
can stimulate weight gain in your body. However, there are few ingredients which you
can know and take care of while you weight train yourself to gain weight.

Take Rest
As important it is to exercise so is important to take rest while you are attempting to gain
weight. In most of the weight gain exercises like resistance exercises or strength training,
the exercise usually tends to breakdown your muscles which then need rest to rebuild
itself with added weight to give you extra muscle mass. When you rest, your body can
fully concentrate on building muscles and channelize nutrients from your diet without
having to worry about other demands of your body.

To rest your body, one must get full eight hours sleep. However, in training world this
rest also signifies the rest you take between your exercise sessions. One must train each
body part and then take some rest before moving on to next. Start your gym activity with
one full week of gym exercise and then start your training. Then as you exercise your
body to gain weight you can train your chest, shoulders and triceps and then take some
rest then move on to back, biceps and abs and then take some rest and then at the end
workout your legs. Then this weight training is done only three times a week with one
day gap in between your resistance training.

Strength Training
You don’t want to just add bulk of fat to your body in the name of adding mass. We all
want to gain some weight which a healthier addition to our body is. In this journey of
achieving healthier you, you can add strength training to your exercise routine. This will
help you add muscle mass to your body rather than adding just lump of fat. Muscle mass
means that you get better metabolism for your body and get better endurance. Which
means you will age with more grace. This is especially important for women as this will
help them being victim of disease like osteoporosis.

Strength training also means that you will be able to retain your muscle mass for more
time which you have gained during your training, which means even if you need to take a
break from your exercise, your body will retain the newer you for longer periods without
much of an effort.Some of most common exercises for strength training are push-ups, chin-ups, leg squats
and crunches.

Reps also matter
Most weight training are more effective when one plans the reps and sets well. It also
helps you build muscle mass over time. You can start with a smaller number of reps with
some rest in between and increase your number of reps over time. An endurance exercise
must get to 15 reps at least over a period of one month with an usual load of 50% for
each rep. This form of training helps your muscles to work for longer period even while
you are resting and help you gain better body structure over time.

Also, you must plan your intensity of training well. Weight training helps to gain weight
doesn’t mean that you can sweat all day at gym to gain weight. It takes around twenty-
four hours of rest to bout the effect of muscle training for one day. So, adapt the
exercise and rest well to build your muscle mass effectively.

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Just as you need to exercise to lose weight similarly you also need to exercise to gain weight. Each body is different and is...
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