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Chocolates, a romantic dinner, sweets for your sweet – these are all the typical thoughts that come to mind when planning an ideal Valentine’s Day. While these options may be high on romance, they won’t do any favors for your waistline or health. This year, why not plan a fit and fun outing with your significant other?

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has you covered with some great ideas on how to break a sweat with your honey today. Not only will getting physical with your sweetie help you reap the mental and physical benefits of exercise, leading an active lifestyle also has the added bonus of enhancing your sex life.

Drop the candy, cancel those reservations, and try some of these ACE recommended activities to get hot and healthy today:

  • Walk off into the sunset. Take advantage of a gorgeous sunset and enjoy a romantic stroll with your special someone.
  • Bike-ride tandem-style. Tandem bike-riding is a great cardio workout, is available in beautiful locations like along the coast or at a park, and gives you plenty of uninterrupted time to spend with your companion.
  • Dance the night away. No matter what your preferred style, whether it’s line dancing, salsa or ballroom, dancing is a great activity to get your heart racing.
  • Bundle up and go ice-skating. Doesn’t matter if you’re in shape or just starting to work out, ice-skating is a good exercise for all fitness levels. Plus, it’s great for couples, and one hour on skates can burn almost as many calories as jogging.
  • Take a hike. Pack a healthy picnic, and explore some of the local scenery. Just make sure to pick a location that not only offers pleasant views, but an adequate physical challenge as well.


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