7 Reasons Why You Should Not Do Keto!

Love following new diet trends? May not be the wisest thing to do! Some of them can be
really dangerous to your health. This brings us to the keto diet that has been suggested by
so many celebrities yet has raised doubts in the mind of numerous health experts.
The Keto diet plan is based on you eating foods that are low in carbs and high in fat.  Its
proponents tout it promising dieters weight loss results quickly, but its many complications
and side effects worry health experts.

According to mainstream doctors, the keto diet is an effective way to treat epilepsy, but
they are not sure how the diet accomplishes this.  However, the incidence of the deadly
epileptic seizures is reduced in epileptic people who follow the keto diet. Studies done on
lab animals seem to suggest that the diet may be fairly effective in fighting the ill effects of
aging, inflammation, and cancer.

While it may be beneficial to people with certain health conditions, the keto diet plan has
come under fire from health professionals who claim that it is unsustainable in the long-run
and that it has dangerous side effects and health risks.  Those who support the diet even
admit that it can be dangerous if not followed properly.

Here’s Why You Should Stay Off It!
Some of the risks, side effects, and dangers of the keto diet are listed below:

1. The “keto” flu
Some keto dieters report feeling as though they have just caught the flu when starting the
diet.  Indeed, certain nutritionists report that the keto diet can cause vomiting,
gastrointestinal distress, lots of fatigue, and lethargy when people start it.  This is referred
to as the “keto flu” and usually only lasts a few days.
According to certain nutritionists, who believe in the benefits of natural medicine,
approximately a quarter of the people who start the keto diet experience the symptoms of
the “keto flu” with fatigue being the most common complaint.  They attribute this
phenomenon to the fact that the body is being forced to burn stored fat for energy once it
has burned through its existing sugar reserves. They call it a “transition” which makes keto
dieters feel “tired” for the first few days.
Keto dieters can minimize this side effect by drinking plenty of water and sleeping while
starting the diet.  They can also try natural sources like matcha, adaptogenic herbs, black
coffee, and green tea.

2. Severe Diarrhea
This side effect is characterized by having frequent bowel movements which are runny in
nature.  Health experts believe that this is caused by the gallbladder, the organ which

produces the bile that the body needs to break down fat in food, getting overwhelmed by all
of the additional fat it must process initially.  Another culprit of diarrhea is lack of fiber
which does happen when people switch over to the keto diet. Finally, consuming too much
in terms of dairy products and artificial sweeteners can trigger diarrhea which will occur
when people start the keto diet.

3. Reduced athletic performance
Athletes who try the keto diet find that their ability to perform is drastically reduced
because their bodies are being deprived of the protein they need to build and maintain
muscle mass. Muscle mass is what gives the athletes the strength they need to perform.
So, while the keto diet may benefit those with pre-existing health conditions, it may have
annoying to serious side effects for the general population.  Diahrrea in excess can cause
severe dehydration which can send people to the hospital. Additionally, the benefits gained
from the keto diet may be marginal. Therefore people who want to diet need to choose a
different dietary plan!

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Love following new diet trends? May not be the wisest thing to do! Some of them can be really dangerous to your health. This...
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